jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

5ª temporada de la Sociedad de Exploradores

No es el anuncio de una nueva tanta de episodios de una serie de TV sobre viajes rurales sino el anuncio oficial de lo que se avecina éste verano en el juego organizado de Paizo.

Como se puede ver, leyendo la carta que nos han mandado a los integrantes de la Sociedad, la nueva temporada promete politiqueo e intrigas por doquier. Además de un nuevo diseño gráfico del logo de la sociedad y un leve retoque a la página en la web de Paizo.

Si ésto fuese un blog serio os traduciría el texto pero la playa nos espera para una importante misión de la logia de la Somb...digo de la Sociedad de Exploradores.

Sirva un corta y pega para dar difusión a ésta noticia.

En Septiembre hablaremos de los próximos eventos de la Sociedad en los que esperemos volver a encontrar a los amigos de anteriores quedadas y conocer a más "carne fresca" dispuesta para dar su vida por el Decemvirato.

¡ Buen verano a todos !
Arodus, 4712 AR

Able Pathfinder,
This is a great year to be a member of our illustrious organization, for the Pathfinder Society stands on the precipice of many wonderful discoveries! As I’m sure you’ve heard, you are being sent to Varisia, likely for the adventure of your life. You will be serving under Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch in the city of Magnimar, and working with her to establish one of our newest Pathfinder Lodges out of her manor house in within the city. While she and her husband Canayven have been hosting Pathfinders on their estate for several years, the lodge is still new and the better the agents working there, the more likely the Magnimar Lodge is to become one of the most successful in the Society.
And it must be successful. This is not a matter the Ten take lightly, for the wealth of Varisia will soon be exploited by those with less concern for the knowledge and history contained within, and we must stake our claim! Already the Aspis Consortium has established itself as a legitimate and influential political and economic entity within Magnimar, having assisted in the growth and security of this relatively new city. They are now better poised than we are to explore the ancient Thassilonian ruins that fill the Varisian landscape, including the newly discovered mountaintop capital of Xin-Shalast.
The recent conflict with the Aspis Consortium within the Hao Jin Tapestry was unfortunate, but we will not have the luxury of waging open war with our rivals in the streets of Magnimar or even the wilds of Varisia. Despite the limitations presented by the real world, we will doubtless have plenty of opportunities to make things difficult for the Consortium, both in Magnimar and elsewhere in Varisia. Ensure you take every such opportunity!
Additionally, it was in Varisia—in the mysterious and ancient city of Kaer Maga—that the rogue Shadow Lodge agents who troubled us recently made their first move against our loyal agents. Likely, remnants of that cell still operate in Varisia and are either plotting our demise or sullying the Pathfinder name. We have largely come to terms with the Shadow Lodge, but those who still defy Grandmaster Torch could present a problem for us. Continue to rout out remnants of the Shadow Lodge insurrection and ensure they either fall in line with the rest of their kind or are eliminated as potential threats to the Society’s wellbeing.
May the Pathfinder Chronicles tell many a tale of your exploits in Varisia!
Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin
The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign launches its fifth season on August 16, 2012 at Gen Con Indy. Join Pathfinders from the world over in Varisia, a land of ancient magic and untamed wilderness, and the setting of the Year of the Risen Rune. Over the course of the season, keep the words of Major Maldris in mind, and be on the lookout for opportunities to help Andoran succeed in its year-long objectives. Be sure you pick up your copy of Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment at Gen Con, and put the hundreds of magic items contained within to use in adventures against goblins, golems, giants, and the ancient forces of sin as the Pathfinder Society takes on its greatest threat yet.

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